Member Benefits
Personal Branding Tools to Give You a Competitive Edge in Today's Business World
No matter what your personal or professional goals may be, there is nothing more important than distinguishing yourself from competitors. Worldwide Who's Who can help you stand out from the crowd. By taking advantage of our exclusive suite of personal branding and networking services, members are able to identify, develop and promote their personal brands, which can yield powerful opportunities for professional growth, and increase their exposure.
The Online Registry
Comprised of more than 500,000 individuals from all industries and stages of professional development, the Online Registry is the first tool members gain access to in order to begin networking and building relationships with others. Each member receives personalized login credentials to, where they can update their information, incorporate images to fortify their biographical profiles, and use advanced search functions to reach out to other members.
Branding and Networking Services
Members are privy to an array of products and services to help them identify, develop and promote their personal brands. Among the services we offer are:
Press Release Distribution: Our talented editorial staff compiles a personalized press release focusing on what the member wants to highlight or promote. Once the content has been approved by the member, the press release is distributed to online search engines for increased exposure and visibility.

E-Release Campaign: Beyond press release compilation and distribution, our marketing experts search our database to identify members in a targeted marketing area or demographic as potential contacts. An email blast is sent to these members, directing them to additional information regarding the campaigning member. Should they choose to make contact with or inquire about the campaigning member, our team fields the request and sets up the connection.

Website Development: The member chooses the number of pages (5, 3 or 1), and we do the rest. Our editorial staff acquires the member's preferred URL, develops engaging, personalized content, creates each Web page, and chooses relevant images to deliver a high-quality, visually engaging website. This allows the member to further enhance their Web presence, and can be linked to the member's additional Web properties, résumé, e-mail signature, etc.

Elite Radio Network: Elite Radio Network participants partake in an audio interview, which is then posted on

Search Engine Optimization: Our marketing experts drive valuable contacts to the member's online destination of choice through the acquisition of targeted traffic. This can increase online exposure and improve organic ranking in Web searches.

Business Concierge Service (Biz Matches): Our marketing experts take the legwork and guess work out of the networking process. Members subscribe to this service to retrieve relevant contacts for growth opportunities by submitting their search criteria to our team. We then dig through our half-million strong database to retrieve the best business matches for the member.
Special Distinctions
As each individual's membership takes shape, he or she may be honored with a special distinction. These may include:
Executive, Professional or Entrepreneur (EPE) of the Year
VIP of the Year
Top 101 Industry Expert
Elite American
Member Publications
Our member publications serve as a way for individuals to communicate their personal endeavors and cement their professional legacies in print.
"Top 101 Industry Experts": This paperback publication features members who have been distinguished as experts in their specific industries. Each chapter is dedicated to one member, featuring a narrative highlighting the member's experience, and a Q&A section.

Pro-Files Magazine: A new spin on an old idea, Pro-Files Magazine modernizes the traditional hardcover registry. Filled with content unique to the member community in addition to member features, the magazine includes engaging articles written by our editorial staff focusing on professional branding, leveraging strategies, networking, and innovative tactics for attaining success in today's increasingly competitive business world.
Commemorative Pieces
Certificate of Achievement: A Worldwide Who's Who Certificate of Achievement commemorates acceptance and enrollment into our organization. Moreover, it is a representation of each member's decision to take control of their future success.

Wall Plaques: As individuals grow in membership, they have the opportunity to gain additional recognition for their accomplishments. Our customized wall plaques are available at virtually every level of membership distinction, and are meant to be showcased in the home or office to acknowledge each individual's achievements both as a Worldwide Who's Who member, and overall.

Desk Tribute: Engraved on a beveled glass or rosewood plaque, the desk tribute features the member's press release, which can be displayed to increase credibility and serve as a conversation piece.

Proclamation: Beveled glass, rosewood, or parchment, Worldwide Who's Who proclamations are only available to Executives, Professionals or Entrepreneurs (EPEs) of the Year, and thereby demonstrate the exclusivity of the EPE distinction.

Expert Resource Scroll Plaque: The rosewood scroll plaque is reserved for members who have been featured among our Top 101 Industry Experts. This plaque is an elegant representation of each industry expert's special honor.

Pro-Files Magazine Desk Piece: This clear, beveled desk plaque forever preserves each member's Pro-Files Magazine feature in a unique, vibrant piece that can be displayed virtually anywhere.