General FAQs
Members, candidates and nominees who are considering joining the Worldwide Who's Who community will find answers to most of their questions here. If you have a question that has not been addressed, please send an e-mail to
What kinds of individuals can benefit from Worldwide Who's Who membership?
Individuals from every stage of professional development can benefit from a membership with Worldwide Who's Who, as our branding and networking products and services are applicable to all those who are seeking professional growth opportunities.
How are candidates selected for inclusion in the Worldwide Who's Who organization?
Our marketing team identifies individuals who it believes will gain the most from membership and contribute most to the member roster. Some criteria we review are a person's career path, previous accomplishments, status in their field, and degrees and credentials. In addition, we reference numerous resources to identify strong candidates who are affiliated with professional associations, attend core industry-related events and subscribe to trade publications. These indicators tell us that they are proactive, and seek enrichment inside and outside the workplace. In addition, our 500,000 active members enjoy the privilege of nominating others for inclusion. If you have further inquiries regarding membership, please e-mail
What benefits can I look forward to utilizing as a Worldwide Who's Who member?
We have created a range of dynamic tools and applications for individuals looking to maximize their branding and networking strategies. Upon enrolling, members gain access to our expansive online registry via unique login credentials for They also become privy to our exclusive suite of products and services, and are assigned a Personal Branding Specialist who is responsible for guiding them along the membership path. To learn more about our individualized products and services, please visit our Member Benefits page, or contact us via e-mail ( or phone: (516) 833-8440, ext. 5105.
How does the Worldwide Who's Who online registry work?
Members can access the online registry by logging into with a personalized username and password. By accessing the online registry, members can update their biographical information and network with other members.
What separates Worldwide Who's Who from other "Who's Who" organizations?
Worldwide Who's Who is the leading branding and networking organization of its kind, providing individuals with dynamic opportunities to interact with other professionals and achieve career growth. Worldwide Who's Who continues to redefine the "Who's Who" brand by providing products and services that continually help our members distinguish themselves from their competition. We are committed to helping members foster professional development through effective platforms for exposure within and outside of the Worldwide Who's Who network.
Who reads Worldwide Who's Who publications?
These publications are available exclusively to our members, who share them with business associates, friends and family. We also make them available through the Library of Congress.
Where is Worldwide Who's Who located?
Worldwide Who's Who is based on Long Island. Our corporate address is:
445 Westbury Boulevard
Hempstead, NY 11550
What are the current opportunities for employment at Worldwide Who's Who?
As the world's leading publisher of professional biographies today, Worldwide Who's Who is in search of motivated professionals to join our team. To learn more about career opportunities at Worldwide Who's Who, please contact our human resources department at