Candidate FAQs
What do I do if I have received a letter from Worldwide Who's Who?
When you receive a letter from the Worldwide Who's Who Marketing and Research Department, it means you have been recognized as a potential candidate for membership in the Worldwide Who's Who organization. We urge you to complete the application so that we can review your information and forward it to an account director. If we believe that you would benefit from our services, as well as make a good addition to our roster, an account director will contact you to conduct an interview and make a final determination regarding membership.
How long should I wait to be interviewed?
Please expect a phone call from one of our account directors within two weeks (no longer than a month) from the date we receive your application.
What criteria do you use to determine who is qualified for inclusion in the Worldwide Who's Who organization?
We consider many factors when determining which candidates qualify for membership. Among them, we review a candidate's duration in the field, their personal and professional endeavors, educational background, area of expertise, future goals, etc. We also understand the importance of bridging the gap between generations; a member who has longevity in the field may choose to mentor another who is just starting out, or learn something new from an individual fresh to the industry. Overall, we truly believe that through networking, our members can really learn from each other and thereby perpetuate their own success.
I am interested in joining Worldwide Who's Who. How do I get started?
To be considered for inclusion, please fill out our online membership application. If you received a form in the mail, you can fax it to (516) 393-0485 or mail it to:

Office of the Managing Directors
Worldwide Who's Who
445 Westbury Boulevard
Hempstead, NY 11550

Upon receipt, your application will be reviewed and assigned to an account director who will call you to conduct an interview. The account director will then determine if your membership has been approved. Individuals selected for inclusion will be briefed on the details of membership and the benefits they will enjoy.
I am interested in joining Worldwide Who's Who, but my application has expired. Can I still become a member?
If your application has expired, you may apply online.
I did not apply for a Worldwide Who's Who membership, but I received an application. How did you find me?
You were either selected by our marketing and research department, or nominated for inclusion.
How much will it cost to join the Worldwide Who's Who organization?
All candidates who qualify for inclusion are entitled to a complimentary listing in our online registry. A complimentary listing is not a membership program. Upon completing the interview process and being approved for membership, an account director will review our membership programs with you. Membership programs vary in cost, and enable members to benefit from an exclusive array of branding and networking services.
I am unable to find my complimentary listing via the member search function. Where can I locate it?
Your complimentary listing in the online registry is only accessible to members. Please refer to your complimentary listing email to review and modify your information as you would like members to see it.
Is there more than one membership level available?
There are several membership levels available. After you have been accepted, your account director will review our programs with you.
Does Worldwide Who's Who sell my personal information to others?
No. We make it a point to keep all member information confidential and do not sell to third parties.